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Dominique Chipot
I tested the Keyboost offer for the keyword 'original jewelry'. I switched in a few days from position 21 to position 3. I am very satisfied with the result, I increased the attendance on my site and made good sales. The test of the offer is free, why deprive yourself?
Damien Courcoux
Impressive! Keyboost is just awesome! Thanks to the free offer with the keyword "what to do this weekend in the north", the site went to the 5th position in Google!
Msaad Hicham
We tested KEYBOOST, it is very serious, our position has improved after a few days, I highly recommend it +++++
Patrice Truffaut
I was very skeptical at first, I tested on a very popular keyword here, knowing that we are 300 in the region for the same offer. From position 32, we went up to the 7th position very quickly, so on the 1st page. The principle, that I do not know, is very effective indeed, bravo and thank you for this help.
Coiffshop Les Pros Coiffeurs
Very responsive, we have checked it and the service remains very good.